Quick Tip: How to Create DimXpert Geometric Tolerance in a section view

Have you ever created a Geometric Tolerance in a part using the “DimXpert?”Have you then created a drawing and wanted to get the Geometric Tolerance Dimension into a SECTION VIEW?

How can you do this? You cannot use the standard move/copy (Ctrl + drag or Shift + drag) method.

There is not a “perfect” way to do this, but there is a trick you can use to get close.

What you do is use INSERT > ANNOTATIONS > NOTE to create an empty note block. Have the note block active with the cursor in the note area (as if to start typing the note). Instead of typing a note, however, left-click the Geometric Tolerance values, and they will populate the note area.

This is a linked value, so you don’t have to worry about the note updating.  If you change the model, the note will update as well.


Happy Annotating!

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