Reason 845 Why you should have a “Clean” computer system.

When it comes to running SOLIDWORKS, users quickly become familiar with the system requirements and the special attention to video card and driver combination test results.

-System Requirements:

-Video Card Drivers:


Ok, so that’s the start. Now you’ve been working for weeks and months; What have you been doing to maintain that “clean” PC? Hopefully you’ve been running your SolidWorksRx program and its System Maintenance functions at least weekly if not daily depending on usage level. If not, you’re overdue!


So maybe you’ve done all the above, so why might your performance go up and down like a sine wave?

Well, sometimes it what we can’t see. We recently heard from a custom who found that the reason for the performance swings was because of a video card overheating on the laptop because too much dust collected on the inside. Note: The overheating only happened when running SolidWorks!


Things that make you smile,


Jim Krivoshein, CSWP

Technical Analyst

Computer Aided Technology

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