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An in depth look at designing complex products: Workflow Opportunities with SolidWorks

DATE May 4th, 2012

Learn from our experts how the SOLIDWORKS product portfolio seamlessly integrates the process of designing complex products from concept through production, to the end user.

  • Optimize designs for performance, manufacturability and even environmental requirements

  • Analyze design iterations at the earliest stages of product development

  • Avoid time consuming and expensive re-tooling work

  • Minimize manufacturing cycle times while maximizing molded part quality

  • Get your products to market even faster

In this webcast you will see how SOLIDWORKS Solutions enhance your ability to design complex products. How SOLIDWORKS tools will help you predict & optimize manufacturing performance at the earliest stages of the design process – reducing your risk exposure on expensive tooling – while improving the quality and performance of your product and related deliverables. Please join SOLIDWORKS local technical experts for this 3-part complimentary Webcast as we introduce our family of solutions and outline benefits of our products for your business needs.

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SolidWorks Friday, May 4th – 12 PM ET/11 AM CT

Presented by: Matt Derov
Territory Technical Manager, Simulation

This presentation will cover how SOLIDWORKS users can use SOLIDWORKS Plastics to facilitate Plastics part design all within the SOLIDWORKS and Windows interface.

Highlights include:

  • Injection molding Simulation
  • State-of-the art meshing
  • Optimize multi-cavity and family mold layouts and feed systems
  • Assist in selecting materials help to create “greener” products

SolidWorksFriday, May 4th – 1PM ET/12 PM CT

Presented by: Jeff Osman
Area Technical Manager

In this one-hour webinar, we will see how SOLIDWORKS can not only save time by creating injection mold splits along with mold base components, but also achieve a higher fidelity solution. The knowledge gained from using SOLIDWORKS can then be used throughout the design process in order to optimize the performance of your design.
Highlights include:

  • Create cavity core splits
  • Assembly visualization
  • Seamless integration with outside vendors for communication
  • SOLIDWORKS Costing to help predict overall project cost



                                     Friday, May 4th 2 PM ET/1PM CT

Presented by: Elton Smith
Territory Technical Manager

Creating instructional information for plastic part design with with 3DVIA Composer

Technical documentation is often an afterthought to most design and engineering environments. This makes it difficult to create quality documentation while still meeting project deadlines. With 3DVIA Composer you can create the technical documentation in accord with the engineering data. The end result being more accurate and thorough documentation without consuming time that would otherwise lead to delays in project completion.

In this webinar we’ll show examples of maintenance instructions used in a mold tooling environment. We’ll also show the creation of user manual materials that would ship with a consumer product. Whether you’re involved in the initial design, or downstream manufacturing; 3DVIA Composer offers a unique and compelling way to create the much needed technical content.

  • Injection mold tooling maintenance instructions
  • User manuals for consumer products

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