Renaming SOLIDWORKS Files with SW Explorer

Renaming files can be tricky and if you don't take the right steps it can damage file references. Here is an easy way to change all part numbers in a assembly to all new numbers.

One method is to use a replace, say there is an _x at end during development and you want files to have _A when released. You can use pack and go to replace a letter or add letters and numbers if you need to. This can be launched from the start menu or from inside SolidWorks under tools, SOLIDWORKS Explorer.

Replcace 1

Or you can launch it from your Windows folder location. Find the file and right click it, choose pack and go to launch the manager.

Replcace 3

It's easiest to check the results if a new folder location is chosen, then use the select/replace button to modify the files.

, Renaming SOLIDWORKS Files with SW Explorer
Replace 2

Simply tell it what to look for and what to replace with and you are done. Both sets of file names will be there like in the image above so you can see a preview of what the names will be before pushing save.

John Van Engen
Tech Support
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.



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