Running EPDM Searches from the command line

Here is a helpful tip for EPDM Administrators…courtesy of one of our best EPDM customers.

As a user, have you ever wanted to bypass the explorer part of EPDM and go right to the search screen? Have you ever wanted to automatically launch a search when you boot up your computer…say a report of your checked out files? This can easily be done with a search batch file. This batch file can be built to automatically launch a search card, a search favorite, and also hide some of the top and side bars to simplify the interface for some users. Plug the search batch file into your startup, and it will launch you right into your search when you boot your computer. You can build the batch with the following switches:

/V: = Start in file vault

/S:= Activate search form

/F: = Activate search favorite

/HF = Hide the search form

/HT = Hide the tree pane

/HP = Hide the preview

/P: = Folder path

So you would build a batch file that looks like: “C:Program FilesSolidWorks Enterprise PDMSearch.exe” /V:EPDMVault “/F:My Checked Out Files”

Download My Checked Out Files

I have attached a batch file that you can download and change to meet your needs. Try the different options and make sure you put double quotes around any switch values that have spaces. Enjoy!

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