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The world is
plastic: If you look around, the majority of components are plastic in nature.
If you design these parts you need to worry about the mold; whether the part
will come out okay and how much warpage will occur when the part is cooled.
There is no easy way to guess on what the outcome would be. The only sure way
to know is to test it. This is both a time consuming and an expensive process.
In today’s world, terms such as six sigma and Total Quality Management have become
ubiquitous to the manufacturing industry. Old adage ….”When in doubt, make it
stout” usually does not run well. 

analysis software simulates the behavior of plastic resin during the injection
process of plastic molded parts. This help in mold design validation, and a
reduction in product development cost. Simpoe software simulates filling,
packing, cooling and warpage of plastic injected parts. Simpoe offers an all in
one solution which deals with any type of geometry (solids, surfaces, etc.)

being a SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner has their solution completely embedded in the
SOLIDWORKS environment. So users can simulate manufacturing process of their
plastic parts without leaving the familiar SOLIDWORKS graphic window. The
seamless integration of SimpoeWorks with SOLIDWORKS closes the loop of plastic
part design and manufacturing optimization, whatever the complexity and
geometry of such parts.


The software
is offered in 3 modules

SimpoeWorks FILL includes pre and post treatment
functionalities. FILL has a built-in material library, with visualization of
melt front, weld lines, air traps, temperature and pressure distributions,
shear rate, and clamping forces.

SimpoeWorks PACK simulates packing phase of the mold.

SimpoeWorks COOL simulates thermal regulation during
injection process, helping with optimizing process time.

SimpoeWorks WARP simulates part deformation after mould
opening. This helps to account for residual constraints, material shrinkages.

Aided Technology, Inc. has been bringing the best technology to our customers
for 17 years. We have partnered with SimpoeWorks, Inc., a French company, to
leverage the advantage of using SolidWorks. We will be supporting this product
using our technical teams spread over our multiple offices in nine states.

 If you need to know more about the product
please feel free to get in touch with us.

Rajat Trehan

Product Manager – Design Validation

Computer Aided Technology Inc.

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