Simulation Professional : Are you ready ?

Often we ask people, "what constraints they face while adapting a new technology or process?" The usual suspects stare in face :, training, confidence, ability to accomodate their engineering environment etc. SOLIDWORKS Corporation is trying to address all these by giving users an opportunity to try Simulation Professional software for 30 days. To make sure, end users are getting results there will be support offered . I am hoping you do not let this opportunity slip. There are many areas where Simulation Professional can help …., Simulation Professional : Are you ready ?

Assembly Simulation – Study interaction of parts under applied loading. Study design efficiency and reduce material and prototyping costs. Study effect of both loads and material choices on product performance.

Mechanism Simulations – Study physics based motion, based on mates, driving motors and inertia of components.

Compare and Optimize Design Alternatives – Determine best design option by comparing strengths, life, cost and weight. Perform comparison and design modifications with SOLIDWORKS environment.

Simulate Natural Frequencies – Predict and control your products natural modes of vibration to avoid potentially damaging resonant frequencies.

Simulate Heating or Cooling  – Simulate heat effects, fluid flow, thermal- structural interactions, and radiation effects.

Simulate Drop tests – Save time and cost by reducing number of physical tests. Define drop height, surface and orientation. Perform realistic collision simulation between parts. Visualize resulting contact.

Fatigue – With Simulation you have the tools to evaluate and improve part or assembly that must withstand rigors of daily operation. Also, find design life of the product.

With so many applications fitting your design group, it would be great to see the product in action.

So join us for a webcast on January 19th.  After the webcast you will receive an access code to take advantage of your 30 day trial of one of the most comprehensive design analysis tools available. You will also have access to support portal resource which will empower your 30 day experience as you begin to use Simulation Professional.

Rajat Trehan

Product Manager – Design Validation

Computer Aided Technology Inc.

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