Simulation Submodeling in SOLIDWORKS 2013

Simulation Submodeling

Simulation Professional 2013 introduces a new submodeling study capability. This functionality allows users to refine the results at local regions without needing to run the entire model. The submodel study can have a highly refined mesh and additional geometric details that may be unrealistic having in the full study. For those who are interested on the background theory of submodeling, you can read up on St. Venant’s principle.

Submodeling studies are derived from a master study; define this master study as you normally would with the appropriate materials, loads, fixtures, etc.

Full Assembly Simulation Study

A submodel study is defined by right-clicking the Study icon at the top of the Simulation tree. There are a number of limitations to a submodel study: notably, no-penetration contact is not supported, no 2D simplification, and no beam-beam bonded contact. Please read the Submodeling information window that is presented for all limitations.

Creating a Simulation Submodel Study

The next step is to include the bodies for the submodel study by selecting the appropriate check boxes. Simulation will create a new configuration linked to the master study. Because you are working with configurations you can add additional details such as cutouts.

Simulation Submodel Selection

The software automatically transfers the displacements results at the cut boundary as prescribed displacements, which appear under the “Fixtures” folder. The transferred loads are placed under the “External Loads” folder. While you cannot add additional loads and fixtures, you can add connectors if needed.

Submodel Constraints

Mesh and run. Because you’re now working with a smaller model, the mesh can be highly refined with global mesh and mesh controls for increased accuracy. When the submodel study is complete you’ll have the same results your familiar with. The Parent Study Plots contains the results from the master study for comparison.

Simulation Submodel Results

If needed, you can create several submodel studies from a master study, each being linked to its own configuration. With the ability to reduce the study size and have higher quality results, submodel studies are a new SOLIDWORKS 2013 feature you’ll definitely want to look at.

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Author: Kris Dubuque

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