Simulation Tip: SolidWorks Simulation Verification Problems

Have you ever wondered, after running a SolidWorks Simulation study, whether or not your results are correct? A few people I have talked to have questioned the validity of their results and sometimes wonder if the software is reporting what they actually see in the field or in a ‘test.’Well, I typically find that the problem is not with the results, but in the set-up of the analysis. For example, loads may not be accurate, or may be applied incorrectly; people apply incorrect boundary conditions like fixtures; and in some cases, the user/analyst may be looking at a stress concentration.


So, to prove that the software is working correctly, SolidWorks presents you with SolidWorks Simulation Verification Problems and NAFEMS (National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards) Benchmarks. These verification problems compare the results of SolidWorks Simulation studies to known analytical solutions. You can find these problems from the Help menu within SolidWorks. With the Simulation Add-In checked, simply go to the Help menu > SolidWorks Simulation > Validation. Here you will find two options: Verification Problems and NAFEMS Benchmarks.


SolidWorks Simulation Verification Problems


Selections marked with a (Professional) are available with SolidWorks Simulation Professional and above.


Within each group shown above, there are many examples. Below is a listing of what you will find under the Static selection, as well as one of the examples from this list: Deflection of a Cantilever Beam.


So if you get a chance, please take a look through all these great problems to see that SolidWorks is definitely verifying their Simulation software. And those incorrect results? They might actually be due to an incorrect setup of your analysis. Just remember: in any event, Fisher/Unitech is here to support you! Give us a call.


Static Verification Problems:

SolidWorks Simulation Verification Problems

Cantilever Beam Example:

SolidWorks Simulation Verification Problems

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