Single Line Font

I had a conversation yesterday from a customer looking for a single line font that they could use in SOLIDWORKS while creating text on their model.  This is a common request especially when needing to generate models or drawings for CNC operations such as laser or various other engraving processes that involve cutting text shapes.  The typical font type found in Windows and then of course shared by SOLIDWORKS usually have double line profiles for each character.  

There are a number of forum discussions on the web about this, but I thought it would be beneficial to host this font file for you to download and try for yourself in SolidWorks.  Our customer was able to use this file on their machine by just simply pasting this into their c:WindowsFonts folder on their local machine.

You can find this file at the following location:

>>Download the File

Thank you.

Brian Reel
Applications Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, Inc

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