Slots in SolidWorks

Creating a slotted hole or slotted counterbore in SolidWorks isn't too difficult a task. You can use the slot sketch tool to quickly create the radius and the length of the slot. To add a counterbore I can create an offset of the through hole and specify the counterbore depth.

Slot 1

Slot 2

When working with slots in an assembly I have to use special mates so that my hardware will be able to move feely within the slot. I first need to make sure I have a plane at the center of the slot lengthwise and through the center.

Slot 3

These planes will be used to mate hardware into the slot. The lengthwise plane will be coincident to the temporary axis of the hardware.

Slot 4

The center plane will have a limit mate, located in the advanced mates drop down, to the temporary axis of the hardware. With the limit mate I enter a value for the starting dimension between the two entities. Then I specify the maximum and minimum travel distance. My slot center distance was 50mm, so my total travel is also 50.

Slot 5

This setup for creating slots is correct up until SOLIDWORKS 2013. In SOLIDWORKS 2014 hole wizard is introducing slots as a hole type. Mating in 2014 will also be easier. The slot mate will only require one mate to achieve the same functionality as the instructions above. 


Jordan Nardick, Elite AE
Applications Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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