SOLIDWORKS 2012 Subscription Cutoff Date

Two of the big questions we get every year about this time on the support line are:

  1. My subscription/maintenance expires on XX date will I still receive the new release of SOLIDWORKS that is coming out soon?
  2. I have downloaded Pre-Release 1 and when I try to install it I get a message that says I am not entitled to this version, WHY?

To answer the questions we first need to establish what the cutoff date is that SOLIDWORKS has set for the new release of SOLIDWORKS 2012. For the upcoming SOLIDWORKS 2012 release SOLIDWORKS has set the date as October 31, 2011. They chose this date because it is the first end of the month that is closest to the release of SOLIDWORKS 2012.

Now that we know the cutoff date is 10/31/2011 we can answer the two questions above. So for Question1 if your subscription or maintenance contract expires before 10/31/11 you will not be receiving the newest release of SolidWorks. For Question2 this is a little tricky and that is because Pre-Release 1 is currently available for download but if your maintenance contract expires on 9/30/2011 you will not be able to install and activate 2012 until your company renews its subscription/maintenance contract with your VAR. The reason for this is with all SOLIDWORKS products being activation based, the version of SOLIDWORKS you are allowed to install and activate is set automatically based upon your contract expiration date.

If you run into either of the issues described above I suggest that you or your CAD Admin or purchasing agent for your company get in contact with your local VAR to work with them on renewing your contract for SOLIDWORKS subscription/maintenance.

If you are looking for more information on SOLIDWORKS 2012 or to see a preview of SOLIDWORKS 2012 you can register for any of the events in your area. CATI will be hosting several Design Summits throughout the Midwest (IL, WI, IN, MO, KS) select the link below to register for any of these events.

Josh Altergott

CATI Support Team Leader

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