SOLIDWORKS 2014 Integrated Workflows

SOLIDWORKS 2014 Integrated Workflows

SOLIDWORKS 2014 new tools and features help you extract and use data more effectively when developing and sharing your designs for more innovation and higher productivity.

Integrated Workflow Enhancements Include:

  • Assembly Explode - Add rotation to components so you can communicate product assembly processes clearly on drawings and in animations.
  • Quick Volume-Cut Costing - Quickly calculate machining costs for a part—without having to set up templates.
  • Angular Running Dimensions - Quickly and accurately document circular hole patterns and other radial features in a clear and concise way.
  • Auto-Limit Rows in Tables - Automatically split tables on drawings based on a maximum number of rows.

>>Visit CATI's SOLIDWORKS 2014 page for more information and videos. Or, see What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2014 live at one of our Design Innovation Summit Events.

Jim TeDesco
Marketing Manager
Computer Aided Technology, Inc. 


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