SOLIDWORKS 2014 Sneak Peek: Lock Rotation for Cylindrical Mates

SOLIDWORKS 2014 will be officially unveiled on September 9, and while
you're waiting for the big reveal, we're going to give you a few peeks
at some of the new features.

Path Length Dimension is an entirely new dimension available in
sketches. It allows the creation of a path in a sketch to define the
exact length of an item like a chain or belt. Like all dimensions in
SOLIDWORKS, its value can be parametrically controlled in a variety of
ways including equations. – See more at:

Some companies require that parts in assemblies are fully constrained to ensure consistent position and orientation which parametric updates.  SOLIDWORKS 2014 introduces a new option that allows you to optionally lock rotation when adding cylindrical mates.

>Click here to read the full article found on the SOLIDWORKS Blog

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Tracy Golden
Marketing Assistant
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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