SOLIDWORKS 2014 Sneak Peek: Sketch Picture Scale Tool

SOLIDWORKS 2014 will be officially unveiled on September 9, and while
you're waiting for the big reveal, we're going to give you a few peeks
at some of the new features.

Path Length Dimension is an entirely new dimension available in
sketches. It allows the creation of a path in a sketch to define the
exact length of an item like a chain or belt. Like all dimensions in
SOLIDWORKS, its value can be parametrically controlled in a variety of
ways including equations. – See more at:

Many products start as concept sketches, either hand-drawn or with other digital rendering tools.  However, images do not contain to-scale information, which can lead to confusion when using them for building geometry.  Users must determine if the image is out of scale, and if so, how far out of the scale.  The Sketch Picture Scale Tool makes it easy…

>Click here to read the full article found on the SOLIDWORKS Blog

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Tracy Golden
Marketing Assistant
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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