SOLIDWORKS 2014 will be the last release to support 32 bit Operating Systems

In line with our customer’s large scale adoption of the faster and more reliable 64 bit environment, SolidWorks 2014 will be the last release to support 32 bit Operating Systems. SOLIDWORKS 2015 will not install on a 32 bit Operating System.

Using SOLIDWORKS on 64 bit Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems provides many significant advantages over 32-bit Windows 7 or Vista including:

• Supports more memory (over 4 GB RAM) which allows the creation of larger and more complex models

• Improved stability

• Better performance to increase overall design and modeling speed

In the coming weeks, we will be making the announcement for discontinued 32 bit OS support to the rest of the SOLIDWORKS Community.

For SOLIDWORKS 2013 SP4 and SOLIDWORKS 2014 Beta 1, 32 bit users will be notified about the 32 bit end of life plan in the Installation Manager and during SOLIDWORKS launch.

We will be sending subsequent updates to partners and the customer base via email, and on the SOLIDWORKS website.

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