SOLIDWORKS 2015 - The What's New You Didn't Hear About (Part 06 - Selective Delete in Assemblies)


With each version of SOLIDWORKS the development team along with the product definition specialist sorts through the vast number of your enhancement requests. Doing a great to job for the most part to do what we ask of them; make it better, faster and more stable. Several customers asked for a quicker way to remove sub-assemblies and/or components of sub-assemblies. I found this enhancement to be pretty fast and with little intrusion on my design process. Let's take a look at it from SOLIDWORKS 2014 first.

SOLIDWORKS 2014 Removing Sub-Assemblies

1.Right mouse button on the sub-assembly in the WNYDHA-Part06-GIF01


2.Select the sub-assembly in the feature manager design tree and hit the "delete" key on the keyboardWNYDHA-Part06-GIF02


3.Right mouse button click on any component of the sub-assembly and click "Select Sub-Assembly". Then hit "Delete" on the keyboard.  WNYDHA-Part06-GIF03


SOLIDWORKS 2014 Removing Components in Sub-Assemblies

1.Select the Components from the WNYDHA-Part06-GIF04


2.Select the Components in the feature manager design tree or the graphics window and hit the "delete" key on the keyboard WNYDHA-Part06-GIF05


SOLIDWORKS 2015 Removing Components / Sub-Assemblies

Now with SOLIDWORKS 2015 you have the option when you delete components of a sub-assembly to delete either the assembly or the components selected. WNYDHA-Part06-GIF06


I hope you enjoy,

Bob McGaughey, CSWE

Technical Applications Manager

Computer Aided Technology, 


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