SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP4 support information release


An important issue was identified in the SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP4 release.

The problem reported is that with SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP4 Closing files in SOLIDWORKS with the SOLIDWORKS PDM Client add-in enabled may cause SOLIDWORKS to become unresponsive.

This problem affects the SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP4 software used in conjunction with SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 SP0 – SP4.

The workarounds available for this problem are:

  • If you have not already, Do NOT install SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP4
  • Do not use the SOLIDWORKS PDM Client add-in within SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP4.
  • Uninstall SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP4 and reinstall SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP3 or earlier. SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 SP4 does not need to be uninstalled since the root cause of the problem is in SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS has currently removed 2017 SP4 from the Customer Portal Downloads page and they are working to correct this. The plan is to release 2017 SP4.1 and also a hotfix for SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP4. 2017 SP4.1 and the hotfix for SP4 is currently expected to be released the week of August 14th.

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