How Do You Use the SOLIDWORKS Customer Request Corner?

Computer Aided Technology (CATI) is introducing a new series in the CATI Tech Notes Blog. The new series is entitled Customer Request Corner. Most of the topics that the CATI Technical Services team blogs about are common issues that are dealt within Technical Support. Customers use SOLIDWORKS according to their personal preference and become very proficient in very specific functions of SOLIDWORKS. There is not necessarily a wrong way of doing things, but some techniques are more efficient than others. It is virtually impossible to be an expert using every single tool of SOLIDWORKS and remember the best way to use a certain tool if you haven't had to use it in a while. That is where the CATI Tech Notes Blog can come in very handy.

The CATI Tech Notes Blog is a great resource to read regularly. It is also another handy place to pick the brains of fellow SOLIDWORKS users. Right on the blog's home page is a CATI Search that lets you try and find the answer to your exact question.


CATI has built an extensive list of SOLIDWORKS Tips and Tricks over the years. But not every topic or question has been addressed. So, what do you do when you cannot find the topic you are interested in the CATI Tech Notes Blog? That is where the new Customer Request Corner blog series comes into play.


Here is your chance to tell us what we should cover. What do you want to see shown? What would you like explained? Simply email us at Each month, we will choose one of the topics submitted for that month's Customer Request Corner blog series. I look forward to seeing what topics you want to read about.

Neil Bucalo, CSWP, CSWS-MD
Computer Aided Technology

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