SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2009 - What's New (2/3)

In our next episode of “What’s new in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2009”, I want to introduce you to the new Bill of Material functionality.  In PDMWorks Enterprise 2008, SolidWorks added the concept of a Named BOM, or a BOM that was a copy of the SolidWorks assembly that could be made “Production” ready.  Essentially, the user could start with a SolidWorks assembly, and then work in a spreadsheet interface to complete the BOM.  You could add glue, paint, processes, and re-order or re-package the assembly to meet the requirements of the production BOM.  In Enterprise PDM 2009, SolidWorks enhanced the Named BOM and also added the ability to link to the BOM from your drawing.  Here are some details:

SolidWorks Assembly        Named BOM

, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2009 – What’s New (2/3)     EPDM_NamedBOM

The SolidWorks Assembly BOM (called the “Computed” BOM) is the exact representation of the SolidWorks Assembly.  The next picture shows the same assembly with changes made to the Named BOM.  You will see extra rows and columns and this BOM change be pushed along its own workflow.  You can add a position column and sort or reorder the rows.  In 2009, this BOM can be exported to XML for transfer to ERP.  Basically, this functionality is for those who create a SolidWorks assembly, export it to Excel and finish the BOM in Excel.  No need for Excel now, as you can complete the BOM in Enterprise PDM and the synch your changes as the SolidWorks assembly changes.

SolidWorks also added the ability to read the BOM from the drawing right in Enterprise PDM 2009.  At many companies, the drawing BOM is the “production” BOM, but there was no way to access it in PDM.  SolidWorks added this functionality in 2009.  Here are some screenshots:

, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2009 – What’s New (2/3)      , SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2009 – What’s New (2/3)

The left screenshot shows the BOM on the SolidWorks Drawing.  The screenshot on the right shows the BOM in Enterprise PDM 2009.  Notice the BOM in PDM is exactly as it is shown on the drawing.  The column names are identical.  Now companies, who treat the Drawing BOM as the master, have a way to view it and manage it inside Enterprise PDM.

This new functionality greatly improves the BOM functionality.  Try it out and reply with your comments.  In my next post, I will focus on general improvements to workflow and security, so stay tuned.  For more information, visit us at InFlow Technology.

, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2009 – What’s New (2/3)

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