SolidWorks Enterprise PDM API 2014 Help updated.

With the release of SolidWorks Enterprise 2014, the API help documentation was updated to be more consistent with the other SolidWorks API help systems.

This means the help now contains syntax for VB.NET, C#, managed C++, and a Send Feedback link on most of the help topics. Previous versions typically only contained the VB.NET syntax so no more having to translate it to your language preference from VB.NET syntax.

The API help documentation is still installed in the program directory (typically C:Program FilesSolidWorks Enterprise PDMAPI_GB.chm), but you can now access it through the Help menu as well (Help -> API Help -> SolidWorks Enterprise PDM API Help).

You can also access the help through the internet at -> API Help (English Only) -> Solidworks Enterprise API Help

There were a few additions to the API in 2014, the most notable being a new LoginEx command which deals with logging into the vault with a different user than the one logged into the local view. This new login method ensures the licenses are consumed correctly to match the EULA.

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