SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Client Processes

As most of you know, Enterprise PDM is fully integrated into Windows Explorer.  So when you are running Enterprise PDM, you are actually using the windows explorer process, otherwise known as explorer.exe.  But, there are other processes on your PC that play a key role.  When looking at task manager, you will also see 2 other processes: EdmServer.exe and ViewServer.exe.


You may have seen these in your task manager, but always wanted to know what they do.  Well, here you go:

ViewServer.exe – every 30 seconds or so, this process listens to the archive server for “broadcasted” changes/updates/deletes made by other clients (i.e. if they check out a file) and updates your client explorer session.  It has nothing to do with viewing.  It is only used to refresh your windows explorer interface.

EdmServer.exe – this process connects to the database server to manage login information and messages coming from the database server.  So any login timeouts are controlled by this service.  Also, it refreshes your EPDM Message inbox.

So now you know.  These processes, along with explorer.exe are critical to keep the Enterprise PDM client running and communicating with the server.

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