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We have received many questions related to the notification process in SOLIDWORKS ENTERPRISE PDM.  For example, where do the messages get originated?  Is there a record of the messages?  Here is some general information to help you understand the EPDM messaging process (pulled from the SOLIDWORKS knowledgebase):

Where are the messages originated?

The “originator” of the SMTP message is different depending on what type of message is created. If selecting “notify a colleague” and write a message directly to another user, and SMTP is active, the message will be sent from the workstation to the SMTP server specified in mail settings.

If it is an “automatic” notification, such as workflow notification etc., the SMTP message is sent from the SYSTEM where the Enterprise PDM Database Server service is running (i.e. normally the SQL server).

If it is only a message to another user, and SMTP is enabled, it is the client system sending the message. Note that there is no option to force all messages to go via the database service.

On the contrary, automatic notifications rely on the database server service i.e. workflows and other notifications such as change state, lock, unlock, add and deadline. Restarting the database server service may help.

Is there a history of notifications that have been sent?

There is no historical information stored about already-generated mails to SMTP, but the DocumentActionInfo table can be checked for pending notifications in case they are not generated. It should be emptied as notifications are sent out. If the database server service functions and clears the table, they should check any logs generated by their SMTP service as to why it fails delivering the mail.

What is the purpose of the Messages table in EPDM?

This table captures the messages sent by the EPDM internal messaging system.  If you are using SMTP, this table is not used.

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