SOLIDWORKS EPDM Administration - Fishing Guides

It’s been said if you give a person a fish you feed them for a day, teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. In this article we’ll show you a couple of good fishing holes for EPDM Administration.

First, we start by downloading Enterprise PDM from Customer Login:




Once you’ve logged in look for the Download and Updates Link:




Next, select the version of your choice to download:




Once the download is complete, run it to start the extraction:




When extracting, it makes sense to rename the Unzip folder to something a bit more specific:

Example: EPDM_2015-SP2.0

Also: Uncheck the “When Done Unzipping Run:” option to forego starting the install right away.




Once the Unzipping is complete browse to your unzip folder and then ..\Support\Guides\GB

(GB is for the English language)


Here (above) we find many guides to help us fish for answers to our EPDM Administration questions.



Here is one of the Fishing Guides for Installation:

Note the Outline Items of; Installation Overview, Installing SQL and Installing EPDM.

These are invaluable guides to installing these products.




Another Fishing Hole is here ..\Support\Migrate:

This location contains a document dealing with the Migration Tool.




Last, but certainly not least, the Help File is a great Fishing Hole.

Whether it be the local or web help version found from the Admin Tools, Help Menu:




Enjoy and Good Fishing!

Jim Krivoshein – PLM Consultant

InFlow Technology

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