SOLIDWORKS Feature Scope: Auto-select

Welcome to another edition of "What does that check box do?" Today we will be looking at the auto-select check box that is part of feature scope. You will find this option when you are creating features for multi-body part files. It allows you to apply a feature to the only the visible bodies. Let's take a closer look.

In this example we are looking at a part file with 3 bodies. I will apply a cut that passes through two of the bodies. With auto-select they both have a hole.


Now I am going to rollback above my cut feature and hide one of the two bodies that were cut in the first step.


Then i will edit the feature and turn the auto-select check box on again.


Completing the feature and showing the body that was hidden reveals there is no longer a hole.


Knowing how this works gives you an extra option for selecting bodies in your multi-body parts. Either hide them and use auto-select. Or turn auto-select off and pick the bodies you want for your feature.


Jordan Nardick, Elite AE
Applications Engineer
Computer Aided Technology

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