SOLIDWORKS For Entrepreneurs and Startups

Starting a business from the ground up can be tough. How do you conceive of and design a product, test it, prepare it for manufacturing and launch a business and brand – all on a potentially small/limited budget? For early stage companies that meet the eligibility criteria, the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs program is designed to help you get the software and support you need to bring your ideas to life and get your business off the ground.

The SOLIDWORKS For Entrepreneurs program is only for startup companies who meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • Have less than $1MM in funding and less than $1MM in aggregate lifetime revenue
  • Build a physical product that can be designed in CAD; no service companies or consultants
  • Must be in business for less than 3 years
  • Are not currently a SOLIDWORKS customer

What do you get when participating in the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs program?

  • 12-month licenses of SOLIDWORKS products for CAD, simulation, visualization, and more
  • MySOLIDWORKS online training
  • Co-marketing opportunities such as speaking at SOLIDWORKS events, and promotion in SOLIDWORKS campaigns and social communities
  • Design guidance from SOLIDWORKS engineers and technical managers
  • Hundreds of white papers, videos, and feature articles with tips and tricks on taking your product to the next level

As an additional resource for program participants, SOLIDWORKS has teamed with several business accelerators and incubators from around the world.   

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Read the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs FAQ

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Jim TeDesco
Director, Marketing
Computer Aided Technology

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