SOLIDWORKS: How do you use "Save As"?

I have a standard component and the part model and drawing are generated. Now, I want to create a new version, slightly different. Here is the easiest way to save that new version.

Let's take a look at the Spring Clamp drawing references. To get Find References, click file and scroll to the bottom.

Feb blog01

Notice the name and Folder location.

Feb blog

Exit References and let's save the new version. Click file, save as. In the save as dialog box. Check, Include all referenced components. Click Advanced.

Feb blog 1

Save As with References dialog box appears and the Folder location cells will be highlighted. Click Browse.

Feb blog 2

In this example, I will save to my desktop. Notice the new location lettering is green (new location confirmed).

Feb blog 3

Now lets re-name our new part and drawing files. Control select Spring Clamp drawing and part cell (it will highlight).

Feb blog 4

 Let's name our files. Click Add suffix and type _NEW and click Apply.

  Feb blog 5

Notice in the Name cells the lettering is green (new name confirmed) and _NEW was added.

Feb blog 6

This will generate new files that are completely separate from our standard files. The new drawing file will open. Check the references.

Feb blog 7

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