SOLIDWORKS Install Error with Bonjour

Today's question fresh off the support line is, why when installing SOLIDWORKS do I get the error "A later version of Bonjour is already installed on this computer"?

The answer to this question was found in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base under Solution ID: S-069946 and below are some of the important details.

Why do we get this error: This error is due to a new version of Bonjour being installed by default in the newest version of iTunes. 

SOLIDWORKS installs Bonjour
iTunes installs Bonjour

Which users will see this error: SOLIDWORKS installations that include PhotoView 360 or PhotoView 360 Network Render Client.

Installations that do not include PhotoView 360 or PhotoView Render Client are ok. SOLIDWORKS Standard installations are also not affected.

What version will this be resolved in:


  • The problem is fixed in SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP0.1 which is to be released shortly
  • The upcoming SOLIDWORKS 2016 DVD shipments will be 2016 SP0.1 therefore, no additional action will be required for DVD installs. The 2016 SP0 download will be replaced with version 2016 SP0.1


  • The problem will be fixed in the upcoming release of SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP5

How to resolve the error:

To address this problem, try the following steps with your IT department's assistance if required:

  1. Navigate to 'Add or Remove Programs'
  2. Select 'Bonjour' > 'Uninstall'
  3. Now install SOLIDWORKS and this error should not appear

Additional Notes:

There have not been any reported problems with using the older version of Bonjour with iTunes 12 yet, but if you would like to have the newest version of bonjour you can reinstall iTunes and Bonjour will be upgraded to 

Additionally, please contact your VAR to submit a service request on your behalf to received updates for when SPR 913986 is implemented.

Josh Altergott

CATI Support Manager

Computer Aided Technology
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