SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 Set Revision Feature

One of the new features in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 relates back to a question that has been posed by nearly every one of our PDM customers.

Question: How can I set the revision of a file to something other than the default?

The previous answer involved a complicated sorting workflow or custom application.  In SW PDM 2016, the feature is now available out of the box.  Essentially, a user can chose to “Set Revision” and pick from a drop down list, or have the system read directly from the value entered on the datacard.

You can see from the screenshot that the system shows the current revision is blank, the next revision is picked from a drop down, and set to D.  If I chose to check the box “Update Variable”, the new revision is written down to the datacard.  The system will check out the file, set the revision on the datacard, check in the file, and set the revision in one step.


This is definitely a nice new feature that will help with setting files to the correct revision upon loading into the vault.  You still need a custom application (we have one so send us an email) if you want to build this kind of revision skipping process into your normal day to day workflow.

Enjoy the new feature!  For information, please reach us at

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