SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2016 Upgrade Tip

For those users looking to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional from Enterprise PDM or those looking to simply upgrade to the latest service pack, you have to make sure to upgrade your database.  In previous versions, the upgrade utility was in the service pack download.  In 2016, PDM is included in the SOLIDWORKS installation process, so you now have to look for the upgrade tool in that location.  The default location (which you can change during installation) is located here:

“C:UsersloginnameDocumentsSolidWorks DownloadsSOLIDWORKS 2016 x64 SP02swpdmserverUpgrade”

Run the upgrade.exe tool to upgrade your database.  You will want to make sure you back up your database first, unless you want to risk corrupting your entire PDM vault.  Note: we always recommend testing, so do not simply upgrade production without setting up a test environment first.  Questions, reach out to us at INFLOW Technology (

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