SOLIDWORKS SOLIDPractices Documents Now Available

, SOLIDWORKS SOLIDPractices Documents Now Available

Everyone who uses SOLIDWORKS wants to know that they are modeling in the best manner to get the best performance out of their system. We are constantly asked what are the best practices that we should be following. This can be a very loaded question because there are so many moving components that often come into play for each company. The best practices for one company may not always be the best practices for another company.

With that being said, SOLIDWORKS has now made their best practice guides available to all subscription paying customers. These guides have been developed from years of experience of many techs. The first documents can now be found in the SOLIDWORKS knowledge base. Any user on subscription can log into the SOLIDWORKS customer portal to access the SOLIDWORKS knowledge base.

The topics are as follows:

Mechanical Design

Managing SOLIDWORKS Upgrades [S-076254]
Managing Large Assemblies in SOLIDWORKS [S-076063]

Electrical Design

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Installation  [S-076283]

Data Management

Searching in SOLIDWORKS PDM [S-076224]
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Architecture [S-076233]


Thermal Management using Electronics Cooling Module [S-076289]

Bolt Connectors Technical Definition, Tips and Tricks [S-076242]
Simulation Data Management [S-076235]


SOLIDWORKS Data Import and Composer Update Functionality [S-076341]

Be sure to check out some of the SOLIDWORKS best practices documents to see how these can help you develop and establish your own best practices for your company. If you have any question regarding these practices or any other practices you are developing, please be sure to reach out to our support team.

Bryan Pawlak
Sr. Support Product Specialist
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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