How to Use Indexing in SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM

What does indexing do in EPDM? It creates a catalog of the content and properties of each document. This means you can search for things that are contained in the content of the file that aren’t necessarily in the datacard. Once it is enabled, you can utilize it by using the Content Search tab in the Complete Search card.Example: Search for the word “Eric” in the Content Search tab. Your results could contain a word document that mentions “Eric” in the content or has “Eric” entered for the Windows property for Author.

Indexing in EPDM utilizes the Microsoft Indexing Service to create the catalog. By default, Microsoft Indexing Service can search the content of Microsoft Office files, HTML files, MIME messages, and plain-text files. You must install additional filters if you wish to search the content of other types, such as PDFs.

Step 1: Turn on Indexing on the SQL Server
The Indexing Service must be set up on the computer hosting the SQL database to ensure performance. Open Control Panel > Uninstall a Program. On the left side, choose Turn Windows Features on or off. In the Windows Features dialog box, make sure the Indexing Service is turned on (checked).

Step 2: Enable Indexing from the EPDM Administration Tool
Log into the file vault in the Administration tool with a user that has the Administrative permission Can Update Index Settings (ideally just use the Admin user). Right click Indexing and choose Open (you may be prompted to put in credentials for the archive server). Check the box Index File Vault Archives. Double-click the Archive Path and it will open a pop-up. If your Archive Server and SQL Server are on the same computer, put the same file path in the Path to file vault archive folder from index server. If the Archive Server is on a different computer, you must share the directory containing the archives and enter the UNC path into the Path to file vault archive folder from index server.

That’s it! Then you should be able to use the Content Search in EPDM.
For information about adding custom filters for other file extensions, please see

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