SOLIDWORKS Viewer 2009 SP3.0 and Printing

There is a known issue with the SOLIDWORKS Viewer 2009 SP3.0 and printing:

Knowledge Base Solution S-036239


When printing a SOLIDWORKS document from SOLIDWORKS Viewer 2009 SP3 from the File, Print menu, why does the program crash with the following error "An unsupported operation was attempted"?



This issue has been identified and submitted to the SOLIDWORKS development team as SPR 487382 – "Print via File, Print causes 'An unsupported operation was attempted' error and crash."

Here are a number of work-arounds that can be used:

1. Uninstall SOLIDWORKS Viewer SP3.0 and install SOLIDWORKS Viewer SP2.1 or earlier

2. Use the Print icon instead of File>Print from the menu


3. Use SOLIDWORKS "Quick View" mode to print the file


4. Use eDrawings to print the file.


Leslie Lougheed

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