SOLIDWORKS World 2015 and CATI Day1 #SWW15

Good Evening I wanted to take a few minutes out of a busy day to let everyone know what the CATI Crew has been up to at SOLIDWORKS World and today was a full day of activities for the CATI.


The CATI and InFlow Tech Teams are presenting 13 different presentations this year at SOLIDWORKS World 2015. We started with a day full of Presentations the day started with Bryan Pawlak and Phil Whitaker presenting Discovering and Understanding SOLIDWORKS Dismissed Messages to a crowd of 20 SOLIDWORKS users.


We also had Brian Reel doing the hands on presentation of SOLIDWORKS Composer: As Easy as Building with Legos to a full room of 30 people, thanks to Jordan Nardick for helping Brian with all of the students questions.

During the next set of sessions we started with Adrian Fanjoy and Josh Altergott presenting Achieving Extreme SOLIDWORKS Performance: Hardware/Configuration to a crowd of 70 SOLIDWORKS users.


(this is Adrian trying to throw me off my game by using a laser pointer on my forehead)

John Van Engen had a room of 90 watching Configuring SOLIDWORKS Toolbox.


Jeff Barker from the InFlow team finished out the set with Successfully Prepare for Your EPDM File/Data Migration to a group of 60 user.


Next on the list of activities CATI hosted an event for over 100 of CATI's customers that were lucky enough to attend SOLIDWORKS World.

The last event of the night was the CSWE (Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert) event hosted by SOLIDWORKS at the duce SolidWorkswatching some armature boxing attended by John Van Engen, Phil Whitaker, Bryan Pawlak, Christian Maldonado, Jordan Nardick and Josh Altergott.

We also had John and Bryan awarded as 2 of the top 5 reseller bloggers by Ten


For copies of all of CATI's presentation please go to

Also a special thanks to the CATI Board Group for sending so many of the CATI employees to expand their SOLIDWORKS knowledge and network with our peers and to Stephanie Altergott who orchestrates all of the travel and event arrangements.


Josh Altergott

CATI Support Manager

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