SOLIDWORKS World is a geek fest for all interested in design.

World is a geek fest for all interested in design. This year 4300 people showed
up in sunny Florida to up their design skills. Sir Richard Branson interviewed
live on stage explaining how design needs to be user friendly rather than
simply meet functional requirement.  John
Hirschtick (co-founder of SolidWorks) showcased his travels to New Balance shoe
manufacturer and Sony Ericsson design centers. Using these two examples, he
explained the uses of rapid prototyping and simulation to improve design

of the sessions I attended was on the Disney Excellence Model. People at Disney
are extremely courteous, that explains why they can charge three times the
normal cost for their services. The idea is to keep guests engaged and show an
instant value for money. What Disney hopes for: “guests book their next
vacation before leaving town”. In a time when everyone is trying to squeeze
their budgets, here is a company that charges you more, and wants you to pay
for the next vacation well in advance. 
Talk about aiming high! This tells us companies that create value and
are committed to the customer experience will prosper in the new age.

at SOLIDWORKS World is an experience to cherish. People from all walks of
engineering try to ask questions relative to their environment. To me that
means one needs to be on his toes to make sure they understand the nitty-gritty
while not losing out on the big picture. The environment created by SolidWorks
is filled with enthusiasm to learn and the focus always remains on improvement.

has always shown deep understanding and solidarity towards the current market
scenario. In their endeavor to help, they will be giving out free software to
people who want to learn and get back on the job scene. They called this their
own stimulus package. This shows SolidWorks’ commitment to improving skills
through design centers all over the world.


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