SOLIDWORKS World is Exhausting...In a Good Way.

I am always excited about going to SolidWorks
World and I am always exhausted when I return; both for the same reason.  There are so many wonderful opportunities to
learn something new that there is no possibility of exploring all of them.


With over 100 different Vendors in the
partner pavilion it was easy to get lost in there just roaming around asking
questions.  Some of my favorites were 3D
QuickPress and 3D QuickForm from 3D QuickTools Limited.  These tools are spectacular for Progressive
die design.  Objet, known for high
quality rapid prototyping now has a smaller version called the Alaris30 that is
a more affordable “desktop” printer to round out their family of high quality
rapid prototyping solutions.  SolidProfessor
is a wonderful tool for those of us that would like to continue our SolidWorks
education at our own pace with online video training. 


All of the presentations that I got to see
were very informative and I learned something from each of them.  Topics ranging from SOLIDWORKS installation
all the way to Advanced Surface Modeling were covered with more than 170
different presentations.  The toughest
part generally was deciding which of the up to 15 presentations you would see
in a given time slot.


However, I don’t believe that anything was as
effective as generally speaking with SOLIDWORKS personnel, other vendors, and resellers
and customers from all over the world.  I
talked to countless users that were asking questions and sharing personal
experiences that I found to be informative, interesting, and sometimes even
funny.  These conversations do wonders
for broadening your perspective and understanding how Engineers and Designers
use SOLIDWORKS to get things done.


This year, as in years past, CATI has also
had the honor of presenting at the event. 
8 of the presentations at the user conference were done by members of
the CATI technical team.  Each of these
presentations was very well received. 
The presentations themselves and supporting files can be downloaded at

Adrian Fanjoy


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