Suppressing Sketch Relations in SolidWorks

I ran across a discussion at a recent user group meeting in where someone asked me if it was possible to create part configurations where the same sketch segment could have two different sketch relations. I wasn’t sure if this was possible so I did some investigating. Much to my surprise, this is in fact possible!
Here are some screen shots of this process in action.

First, make your sketch and add some relation to this. In this case I chose to make this sketch line parallel to another sketch line.

Suppress Relation01

Second, I chose to suppress this relation by right mouse clicking on the relation icon and selecting ‘Toggle Suppression’.
Suppress Relation02

Finally, I added a new relation which in this case was an angle dimension.
Suppress Relation03

So this is one example of how you can have multiple configurations in a model and have different relationships avaiable to suppress or unsuppress.
Brian Reel
Technical Analyst
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