Ten Strategies for Becoming an Effective CAD Leader - Part 10

Strategy 10: Demonstrate product development contributions

Perhaps the most critical strategy for becoming an effective
CAD leader is to find ways to demonstrate the value of the contributions that
your product development team makes to your entire enterprise. By showing
management how your team’s performance contributes to your company’s bottom
line, you will be able to secure and maintain the support that you and your
group needs to grow, improve, and innovate.

As stated previously, capturing, documenting, and
communicating the productivity gains within your group—such as time savings
(shorter time-to-market), cost reductions, and quality improvements (reduced
returns/warranty claims)—is one way to communicate your design team’s
performance in business terms. In addition to tracking productivity internally,
you can take advantage of vendor-sponsored case studies and other publicity
opportunities to further promote your team’s success.

You can also establish how your team’s innovations impact
sales and revenue. Take a look at your sales numbers. Is there a new product,
product accessory, or product adaptation that is generating a sizable increase
in sales? Much of that growth is attributable to the hard work, efficiency, and
talent of your team. As an effective CAD leader, you should take advantage of
every opportunity to promote the combined results of your leadership and the
efforts of your design team in practical, business terms.

Product development represents the very genesis of your
company. Without innovative, reliable, and exciting products to manufacture,
market, and sell, your company wouldn’t even be in business. You work hard to
develop successful products—from initial R&D through commercialization and
production. As a CAD leader, you should not be shy or reserved about letting
others know about your accomplishments, particularly when you communicate them
in pragmatic terms that they can understand.

*This article is an excerpt from the "Ten Strategies for Becoming an Effective CAD Leader White Paper", published by  DS SOLIDWORKS Corp.

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