Testing the durability (stiffness and strength) of plastic 3D printing materials.

Have you ever wanted to know how rapid prototyping/3D printing materials stand up to each other? Well, the team at rapid prototyping service bureau VistaTek have and commissioned an independant study to test the durability of the most common materials on the market for rapid prototyping and 3D printing. An independant lab tested materials from a variety of technologies including; Objet, FDM, Stereolithography, and SLS. Guess what? Objet came out on top. Thats right, the Objet RGD5160 DM (AKA Objet Krypton Green) performed best when compared to the following materials:SLS Duraform GF, Stereolithography Accura60, Stereolithography Accura Xtreme, Objet VeroWhite Plus, FDM ABS, SLS Duraform, FDM Polycarbonate. You can find the complete results of the test by visiting the THIS PAGE on the VistaTek website.

Watch this great video of each test being performed.

Enjoy the video. Use this link to view the complete test results – http://www.vistatek.com/Plastic_Prototype_Material_Test.html

Jim TeDesco
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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