Text beyond border when opening a DWG file!

Have you ever opened a legacy DWG/ DXF file in SOLIDWORKS or DWG Editor just to do some simple editing only to see that all of your fonts have grown in size and now go over you existing spaces in your title block?

If so, this is a common problem and one that has a simple resolution.

Problem:When we open a file that was created in ACAD into the DWG Editor we are seeing the following. The text over runs the border and the font ISOCPEUR is listed ad “font not found”


Solution: ISOCPEUR text is an AutoCAD specific font, and AutoCAD is not loaded on the problem machine.

To resolve this you will need to do the following:

·        Find a machine with ACAD loaded on it and do a search for that text file (if you do not have a machine with ACAD loaded on it you can either do an internet serach for the font or contact CATI Tech support (888-285-2284 or support@cati.com) to get a copy of the font.)

·        Copy that new file to the problem machine and place it in the following directory C:WindowsFont folder (Note C: in this case is the drive Windows was loaded on to, if you have installed Windows on a different drive letter, please adjust the path accordingly.)

You will then be able to open the files in the DWG Editor or SOLIDWORKS and they will behave correctly. Below is a screen shot of a machine I tested this on and you will see that it loaded the Font and all Attributes related to the font. As you work with your existing files you may find that there are other fonts that are ACAD Specific and need to load those to the user’s machines as well.


Design Better!

Josh Altergott

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