Using Simulation Advisor To Perform SOLIDWORKS Simulation Analysis

Using Simulation Advisor to Perform SolidWorks Simulation Analysis

Recently, someone asked me if they
could perform a Simulation analysis simply by using the Simulation Advisor, and
without having taken a class. Now, being
a proponent of training, I certainly recommended our Simulation Training
class. There, not only do you learn how
to use the commands, but you also learn about all the options, and all the tips
and tricks in performing an analysis. One can sign up for either our in house class or our 3DU online class by
going to Now as far as the Simulation Advisor, if you
have taken our training class, you probably won’t have a need for this tool. However, if you are new to Simulation / SolidWorks,
the Simulation Advisor could be a good place to start. Below is some information about the different
Advisors available.

Simulation Advisor
is a set of tools that guide you through the analysis process. By asking you to answer a
series of questions, these tools collect the necessary data to help you perform
your analysis. Simulation Advisor includes:


. Recommends study types and outputs
to expect. Helps you define sensors and creates studies automatically.


Bodies and
Materials Advisor
. Lets you specify how to treat
bodies within a part or an assembly and apply materials to components.


. Defines internal interactions
between bodies in the model as well as external interactions between the model
and the environment. Interactions can include loads, fixtures, connectors, and


Mesh and
Run Advisor
. Helps you specify the mesh and run
the study.


. Provides tips for interpreting and
viewing the output of the simulation. Also, helps determine if frequency or
buckling might be areas of concern.


Simulation Advisor
works with the SolidWorks Simulation interface by starting the appropriate
PropertyManagers and linking to online help topics for additional information. Simulation
leads you through the analysis workflow from determining the study
type through analyzing the simulation output. By following the workflow, you
use, depending on your requirements, each of the individual Advisors.


To start the Simulation Advisor,
click Study(Simulation CommandManager). The Simulation Advisor tab
appears in the Task Pane.

To access individual

Click Study (Simulation CommandManager) to access the Study Advisor.


Click Fixtures (Simulation CommandManager) to access the Fixtures
section of the Interactions Advisor.


Click External Loads (Simulation CommandManager) to access the Loads section
of the Interactions Advisor.


Click Connections (Simulation CommandManager) to access the Connections
section of the Interactions Advisor.


Click Results (Simulation CommandManager) to access the Results Advisor.
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