Time to check you graphics card driver

With the release of SOLIDWORKS 2012 SP0.0 and companies updating to 2012 most people forget to check and make sure there graphics card driver is updated to its latest version.  So after you install the new version of SOLIDWORKS  check to make sure your using the latest graphics card driver as well.  

This can be done a couple different ways but the easiest in my opinion is to utilize the SOLIDWORKS RX tool. To run the RX tool follow the path below.

Start Menu-All Programs- SOLIDWORKS 2012 – SOLIDWORKS Tools – SOLIDWORKS RX

Once you have it running simple check the diagnostic tab at the top and look at the first status marker. If your driver is up to date you will see a green check mark like the image below.

Video card driver 

If for some reason you do not have a green check mark then you mostly likely need to update to the latest graphics card driver. If you do need to update simply follow the link provided by the SOLIDWORKS RX tool or check the SOLIDWORKS website at https://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/videocardtesting.html

One final note on updating your graphic card driver is to download the new driver then uninstall the old driver, reboot your computer and install the new driver.


Nick Jansen, CSWP

Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.







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