Do you like the new in-context toolbars in SOLIDWORKS 2008?

As you first notice, there is a big change in the interface in SOLIDWORKS 2008.  With this interface change SOLIDWORKS is trying to increase your productivity by minimizing your mouse movements.  However, I have found that some users still prefer the older methods. 
Are you annoyed by the little icons that appear whenever you click on something?  Do you want to have them back into the right click menu as words and not just icons?  To revert back to the older set-up, go to Tools>Customize.  There is a section for Context Toolbar Settings.  If “Show on selection” is checked, whenever you click on a face, feature, sketch, etc., an in-context toolbar will pop up with commonly used commands (represented as icons) that you can select.  Uncheck this to prevent that box from appearing when left-clicking.  With “Show in shortcut menu” checked, when you right-click on something, you will see the in-context toolbar pop-up with commonly used commands.  Uncheck this box if you would prefer to have those commands listed in the right click menu as words like in previous versions of SolidWorks.  However, I do recommend that you try out this new set-up for a week if not more.  You may find that it is faster, easier, and you may even come to like it!

Design Better!

Leslie Lougheed

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