Updating your SOLIDWORKS PDM Add ins

What are SOLIDWORKS PDM Add ins and why do I need to update them?

Add ins are managed in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration Tool and provide additional functionality either out of the box, in the case of PDF conversion and dispatch, or custom programming solutions. Add ins are currently unique to PDM Professional users. When you update SOLIDWORKS PDM, it’s also important to update your add ins.

When do you need to Update your Add ins?

Add ins should be updated whenever you update your version or service pack of SOLIDWORKS PDM to ensure proper functionality. Add ins are not updated automatically by your installer and require manual updating.

How to update your Add ins…

  1. Upgrade your SOLIDWORKS PDM Server and at least one client which you will use to update your add ins.
  2. Next export your add ins, tasks, dispatch scripts and your task advanced scripts. Note that you should do this if you customized them or are unsure if they are default. Use these as backups if anything goes wrong with the update or you need to apply custom advanced script options to new tasks.
  3. (Optional) You may want to temporarily rename some existing tasks to ensure you aren’t replacing them when you import the new ones. This way, you can do validation testing first.
  4. Open in windows explorer the following folder which may vary based on your installation choices C:program filesSolidworks PDMdefault data
  5. Double click the files (or drag onto the right side of an administration tool window) to open them. The files are Convert_gb.cex, dispatch.caf, Print_gb.cex, office to pdf.cex, draftsite to pdf.cex. You only need to update those installed and/or pertinent to your users.
  6. Dragging the items from the open .cex or .caf files onto the left category pane of the administration tool will prompt you to replace items of the same name, reply yes to update.
  7. If you had customized task advanced scripting, you can copy and paste your backup into the a new task as needed or apply specific changes. I would avoid this if possible as any mistakes would be difficult to troubleshoot. Changes in visual basic libraries can sometimes necessitate script changes but this is extremely rare.

As always, contact your VAR technical support for assistance as needed. Additional instruction is available in your SOLIDWORKS PDM installation guide and on the help.solidworks.com online help page by searching.

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