I received a call from a customer the other day asking the question, "why doesn't my Hole Wizard properties show up on my Hole Table in SOLIDWORKS"?

After looking at his part, I noticed he added a Chamfer after the Hole Wizard.

The chamfer properties showed up in place of the Hole Wizard properties on the Hole Table.

Let's take a look at a simple plate with four holes using Hole Wizard.

Aug 14 blog 1

Now let's create a drawing and insert a Hole Table. Notice the Hole Wizard properties shows up in the size column.

  Aug 14 blog 2

Now, when I add a Chamfer feature after the Hole Wizard (we are adding the Chamfer as a lead-in)…

Aug 14 blog 3

…Notice what happens to the size column properties. The chamfer properties replaces the Hole Wizard properties on the Hole Table.

Aug 14 blog 4

This is NOT what I want. I want to show both the Hole Wizard and the Chamfer properties in the Hole Table.

Let's return to our part and delete the Chamfer feature and edit the Hole Wizard feature.

With a single click in the Hole Wizard dialog box you can have both.

At the bottom of the Options dialog box, check near side countersink and adjust diameter and angle accordingly.

Aug 14 blog 5

Let's go back to our drawing and check our size column. Notice the call out, we have both.

Aug 14 blog 6


I hope this was helpful.

Have a great day!

Roger G Ruffin Jr.

Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology, Inc


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