Using Simulation 2009 not able to mesh parts ?

If you recently
upgraded to Simulation 2009 and cannot mesh parts that were created using
SOLIDWORKS 2008, irrespective if they are simple or have complex geometry, we
have a solution for you. This problem is typically seen in x64 bit environment.

You may need to clean out your Windows temp folder because
of the presence of a corrupt temporary meshing file that is leftover from
failed meshing in earlier service packs of 2009 Simulation.

Please clean out your temp folder using the following procedure:

– Close SOLIDWORKS and open SOLIDWORKS RX by going through the Start menu. Go
to the System Maintenance tab and enable the first three checkboxes (clean
backup directory, temp directories, Windows temp directory) and uncheck
everything else.
– Click on "Start Maintenance"

If this still does not resolve the issue, try searching your local hard drive
for files with the name "fmesh.boiteb8" and
"fmesh.noboiteb8". If you find any, you may safely delete them since
they are temporary files used for meshing. These files may become corrupt and
their presence can hinder meshing other models.


NOTE: This
does not happen for every install of Simulation 2009. It only occurs if the
previous installation was corrupted, or from left over files from previous
service packs.

Rajat Trehan

Manager – Design Validation

Aided Technology Inc.

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