View Labels in SOLIDWORKS 2014

View labels can be very useful in giving specific information about the view like what it is that the view shows.  Automatically, SolidWorks generates this information for you when you create a view in a drawing.  Take this drawing for instance;


SOLIDWORKS put in the label the name and scale of the view which is actually parametric.  Sometimes however, I might want to change up what that view says.  In this case, just double clicking the label and editing it like any other note allows me to type in whatever I please.


Or maybe I want to remove the label completely so I delete all the text.


This is all well and good but in previous versions of SOLIDWORKS, should I want to reattach a parametric view label at this point, I was at a loss.

SOLIDWORKS 2014 now gives me a quick and easy way to enter any of that parametric information into the view label at any point.  Selecting the view label box to edit the note now gives the following options in the property manager:


Here you can see that I have simple ‘tag’ buttons to add any of the aforementioned information to the view label just by clicking on it.

This allows me to easily create custom view labels that still have parametric information like this one.


Furthermore, even when deleted, that information is just a click away.


Brian Adika
Applications Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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