For most of us using weldments you may have noticed that there is a <as welded> or <as machined> description behind your configuration names. Although it's nice to see, sometimes we don't want it. Like in the case we want to use the configuration name as a drawing name or part number.

Well we will just get rid of it then right? Attempt #1 – edit configuration properties and delete it from description… failed. Attempt #2 – edit configuration name directly, hmmm it's not there. I can see it but when I try to edit the name it is not in the edit text box. This should be easy right? Now it is.

SOLIDWORKS has added an option to allow this to be removed from the configuration name by turning on this option check box.

Tools > Options > System Options > General > Disable additional weldment configuration description strings

Options screen 

This option needs to be turned on to permit the ability to rename the 'as welded' and 'as machined' text from the configuration names.

1. If the option is set and the user inserts a weldment (weldment feature or a structural member feature) into a non-weldment part the original configuration ('as machined') will retain its old name. A suffix '-welded’ will be added to the new derived configuration

2. Setting the option will allow users to edit the full name of existing weldment configurations and to remove the <As Machined> <As welded> suffixes manually.

3. When the option is turned off, names of weldment configurations will be created as edited the old way.

Please note that the default setting of the option in the registry file is off.

Let's go design!

John Van Engen

CATI Tech Support

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