What does support mean to your organization?

As times are tough and every company tries to cringe for
money, one the places companies are tightening strings is subscription services.
If you have been using the software for some while, putting value for money
could be difficult.

We had a customer, l am going to call them ABC Company, who
bought Flow Simulation software. They started attacking higher end flow
analysis right off the bat. Their engineering goals required them to use higher
end computers having the processing and solving power to complete projects in
time.  Having just bought software their
budget for the month did not permit them to buy new machine right away. They
were forced to wait for 2 weeks before they could get the required money. This
meant two things (a) either cut back on deliverables on projects for 2 weeks
(b) delay projects by 2 weeks.

They called CATI technical group for help. We ascertained
their goals and ensured having a higher end machine would be appropriate. We
set up a machine at our office, the customer could log into at his will. They
could get into the machine and solve their tests getting results they needed.
This was a temporary solution until they get a machine. This helped customer
to move the project at a desired pace and meet their time lines. Having
delivered on time they won more business. So the software paid for itself in
the first two weeks.

The subscription service ensures you get software updates
and access to our technical expertise. Having a support team that responds
dynamically to your needs is important in current times. We understand you are
not faced with similar situations everyday, and you work hard to meet your
goals. Let us help you get there!

Rajat Trehan

Product Manager – Design Validation

Computer Aided Technology Inc.

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