What Does the License Count Mean in the SolidNetwork License Administrator?

Every time someone new works on their companies SOLIDWORKS Network License Administrator for the first time we usually get the support call asking why the license count in the License Administrator is different than what they actually own.

SNL License Count  SNL License Count-2
If we take a look at an example from one of our customers you will see that the license count for Standard SOLIDWORKS is 67 seats but in the SNL Admin it show that they have 98 Standard SOLIDWORKS seats listed. This is because the customer really owns 67 Standard, 2 Office, 7 Professional, and 22 Premium seats and if you add all that up it equals 98 seats. How the SNL Admin works is that is breaks down the each of the seats that is a higher level than Standard into 2 seats (1 Standard and 1 with additional features) by breaking down the licenses it allows all users equal access to the functionality of the higher level seats. So when you start SOLIDWORKS in the morning and have no Add-Ins turned on you get the Standard SOLIDWORKS to start with then at some time later in the day you need to add some hardware to an assembly so you turn on SOLIDWORKS Toolbox it will now go out to the server and pull the next license that is available whether it be Office (no longer available for purchase), Professional, or Premium.

You have the ability to control the order in which the licenses are distributed from the SNL Administrator and you also have the ability to create an options file that will control what users do/do not have access to the different types of SolidWorks.

Josh Altergott

CATI Support Team Leader

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